Two By Two Ranch & Petting Zoo
(530)570-7143  Chico, California
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Tina Cardin, Owner
Tina started the farm when she was still in college as CSU Chico. She has a passion for educating people about animals they might not otherwise get to interact with.
Julia Cardin, Daughter
Julia is Tina's daughter and she has grown up helping her around the farm. She has also developed a strong passion for raising animals and has started her own breeding operation named JC Livestock.
About Two By Two Ranch & Petting Zoo
In operation for over 20 years, Two By Two Ranch offers entertainment and educational opportunities with animals for all ages. Some of the things we do, but are not limited to, birthday parties, company picnics, and farm tours. We also breed and sell livestock and eggs.
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Giving people the opportunity to learn and interact with animals.